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Bet Ovadia Chabad of the Grove
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The Eruv status for this Shabbat in Coconut Grove is:

 Under construction(check back soon)

The status will be updated every Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm. You can also access this page directly by logging on to

Below is a map of the Eruv boundaries in Coconut Grove. Please note that at this time the only hotel within the eruv is the "Commodore Inn the Grove". None of the other hotels in Coconut Grove are currently within the eruv.

Eruv Map.jpg

 Click here to view & download a larger map in PDF format.

Please keep in mind that anytime we experience winds in excess of 35 MPH the eruv is assumed to be down.

About an Eruv

According to Jewish law, it is forbidden on Shabbat to carry from a private to a public domain or within a public domain, unless the neighborhood is enclosed by an eruv. The eruv legally transforms a non-private public thoroughfare into a private domain.

For more info on an Eruv, click here.

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